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XT-160Wh Energy Storage with powerful 110V and 2x USB output



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XTPower XT-160Wh powerbank with 110V output

Your mobile energy with lithium-ion cells - AC supply 110V and 120W - in addition USB QC3.0 and 2x USB-A

The compact Power Bank an easy to go power supply

This powerbank combines design and performance. In an opulent black housing is pure performance. You get a power bank for leisure, travel and work. Charge and operate your devices directly via the 110V output, without searching for the right adapter. Up to three USB devices can be additionally charged in parallel.

Quality with focus on the essentiale

The Powerbank XT-160Wh has high-quality, automatic charging and discharging electronics, supplemented with overload, short-circuit, over-discharge and over-temperature protections to protect your investment. The remaining capacity of the installed battery is indicated by four blue LEDs.

The high-quality lithium-ion cells ensure a longer life. The XT-160Wh is also safer, greener and more portable than standard heavy lead batteries. With a weight of only 1.8kg and the compact dimensions of 23.3x9x9cm, the XT-160Wh can become your mobile solution.

Pure power

Connect the power supply of your device directly to the power bank via the 110V output. This Schuko sockets can supply devices with up to 120 watts. A short term (<2s) power consumption of 200 watts is allowed. Save additional time with the modern USB QC 3.0 output. This allows fast loading of compatible devices with more power. Two additional USB outputs complete the technical spectrum of the Powerbank XT-160Wh. A short summary of the technical data:

  • Lithium ion battery with a capacity of 154Wh / 41.6Ah (3.7V)
  • Output AC: 110V 50Hz with up to 120 watts
  • Output USB: 2x 5V 2.4A
  • Output USB QC3.0: 5V / 3A 9V / 2A 12V / 1.5A. The selection via connected device is determined.
  • Dimensions & Weight: 23.3x9x9cm at only 1.8 kg
  • Suitable for various types of devices such as laptop, smartphone, mobile phone, radio, drones, LED lights and fairy lights, iPhone, iPod, iPad, MP-3 player, navigation, camera, etc.
  • Note: detailed technical data can be found in the "Technical Data" tab

Application examples

  • Typical smartphones with 2-4Wh battery can be charged with this power bank about 40-80x
  • Tablets with 25-42Wh battery at least up to 4x charge
  • Charge laptops with 50Wh battery approx. 3x
  • Desktop Computer 70W about 2 hours of use
  • Cool box with 30-60W approx. 2.5-5 hours of operation

One of the smallest

With a weight of only 1.6kg and the compact dimensions of 23.3x9x9cm this powerbank is one of the smallest solutions with a 110V output at a capacity of 160Wh. This powerbank will very quickly become an ideal companion for your leisure time activities as well as for professional use.


The Power Bank XT-160Wh comes with the Performance Energy Storage, a power supply, a protection box for the power bank and power supply, and manual.