SP-36 Solar Panel Charger W/ 36 Watt To Charge Cell Phones Tablets Mobile


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Product Highlights

  • High Performance Solar Panel for charging large Power Banks with 18V/2A DC input and other mobile devices via the USB port.
  • High-quality solar cells with an efficiency of 18% and boast a total maximum power of 36 watts. With this power you can, for example, charge a Power Bank XTPower MP-16000 in 4 hours by solar energy (full sunshine).
  • The 6 mono-crystalline solar panel can be folded and easily transported.
  • The Solar Panel DC 18V output is compatible with all larger XTPower Power Banks with a DC output (9-20V). Use the combination of a Power Bank and a Solar Panel for more mobility and a stable power supply your devices.
  • Delivery Content: Solar Panel XT-SP36, manual.

Technical details:

- Solar panel
- - Power: 6V 6A / 36Wp (max. power)
- - Cell Type: Monocrystalline
- - Efficiency: 22%
- Output:
- - 1x DC output with 18V 2A / 36W (max. power)
- - DC output circular connectors 5.5 x2.1mm
- - 1x USB with 5V 2A / 10W (max. power)
- - Use of two outputs: together up to 36W max.
- Range: -20 ° C to 60 ° C
- Design: foldable and flexible
- Dimensions folded: 31x20x6.5cm
- Dimensions unfolded: 85.5 x61.5cm
- Color: black
- Weight: 1.8 kg

The DC output returns with 18V/2A the appropriate power for direct connection to powerful Power Banks. All Power Banks with DC output of the brand XTPower are compatible with a charging voltage of 18V.

Of course you can also use the solar panel to charge other Banks Power or connect other compatible devices directly.

At the USB output you can connect either a small power bank as a buffer battery or recharge compatible devices directly if they have a charging current of up to 2A via a charging voltage of 5V and the original USB cable.

Delivery Content:
- Foldable Solar Panel XTPower SP36
- Instructions

For a stable charging current, we recommend the use of a buffer battery on the DC and / or USB output of the solar panel (eg XTPower MP-10000 for USB or XT-16000 for DC). In this case, your charge the buffer battery with the solar panel. The buffer battery ensures a stable charging current for your device. Especially with Apple brand products, a stable charging current is very important.